※Vision and mission

  Vision: Close and stable industry-government-academic cooperation, and become an important town for the development of domestic humanities and creativity.
Mission: The promotion service takes "cultural creativity" as the main axis, cultivates "technical" talents that meet the needs of the industry, integrates cultural connotations, and develops industrial cooperation and international exchanges.

※Core spindle

According to the characteristics of each department, develop characteristic "skills".

※Establishment purpose

   In response to the trend of lifelong learning, the promotion of lifelong learning trends, the promotion of the functions of the whole people, and the provision of broader channels for further studies and learning for people from all walks of life, after the school was renamed the University of Science and Technology, a "Promotion Education Center" was set up in the Research and Development Office. The school upholds excellent school performance, provides excellent teachers and teaching resources, serves the public and enterprises, and runs various promotion education and return education courses.

※Training Purpose

To implement the school’s educational goals, to cultivate outstanding talents with "applied skills" as the core of the center’s development.

※Central goal

  The center inherits the school's thinking of "the cradle of creativity and the palace of humanities" of the school, and is committed to promoting the diversification of education courses, improving the quality of teaching, and building a learning center with artistic and humanistic characteristics. The development goals of the center are as follows:
1. Encourage lifelong learning, strengthen return education, and combine the full-time and part-time teachers and teaching resources of the school to open master's credit classes, bachelor's credit classes and 80 credit classes.
2. Promote the school's home economics and art education characteristics, open relevant non-credit classes, and become a community art education center.
3. Enhance the skill level of the whole people and the employability of graduates, and open various professional technician license training courses.
4. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, strengthen industry-university cooperation, and cooperate with enterprises to provide on-the-job training courses.
5. Upholding social service responsibility, undertaking special vocational training programs commissioned by government agencies.
6. Establish a cooperative relationship with the well-known domestic professional supplementary education industry and promote relevant professional teacher training courses.
7. Accept the entrustment of foreign schools and institutions to handle the certification of related non-formal education.
8. Promote cross-school exchanges for the promotion of education, and international or cross-strait exchanges, and cooperate in the promotion of education courses.

※service items

  1. Credit class:
   There are credit classes such as "Master's Credit Class" and "Bachelor's Credit Class". The course areas cover the Life Applied Science Institute, International Business Management Institute (Department), Visual Communication Department, Early Childhood Care Department, Beauty Design Department, etc.
2. Non-credit classes:
   The course content includes skills verification training, language training, professional training courses for nursery personnel, etc. The categories include Chinese food, bartending, baking, beauty, hairdressing, women's clothing and babysitters and other level B and C skills verification.
3. Vocational training:
   Undertake vocational training and on-the-job training courses for various agencies, organizations and enterprises, including the Ministry of Labor’s "Industrial Talent Investment Program", "Subsidies to Local Governments for Handling Care Service Personnel Training Programs", "Vocational Training for the Unemployed" and other special vocational training programs Plans, etc. The center also accepts commissions from agencies and organizations to handle various vocational training courses, including Chinese food, western food, bartending, Chinese pasta, baking, beauty, hairdressing, etc.

※Future outlook 

1. The school's teaching characteristics are deeply humanistic and artistic. The promotion education courses offered by this center are specially integrated into life applied sciences, art, music, design, language and other courses, and strive to promote becoming a regional learning center.
2. The school upholds social responsibilities, combines excellent teachers and equipment to handle vocational training programs, and hopes to become a regional vocational training center.
3. The neighborhood of the school is densely populated and various industries are developing rapidly. The center is committed to promoting related vocational training courses and hopes to become a center for related industry technology education.